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Gourmet Restaurant
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A true sensory experience


Batu, the new gourmet restaurant of the Grand Hotel San Pietro, is set in an enchanting location, surrounded by the heady scents of the Mediterranean maquis and with a breathtaking view of the sea. It is a place dedicated to people who are still looking for an authentic, primordial, liberating feeling when it comes to their food experience.

An ancient and unusual name, Batu, which from ancient Greek has ridden the waves of history to the present day to describe the olive tree flower, so discreet, so delicate, so fragrant.

At the helm is Executive Chef Luca Miuccio, who is strongly tied to his land, the smells, colors, and flavors of his childhood.

His cuisine highlights Sicilian culture, uses ingredients of the highest quality, plays with textures, and mixes the best seasonal products. It offers a true explosion of flavors.

Batu's signature dish is the grilled amberjack with tomato umami, a simple but excellent dish that is emblematic of Sicilian culture and tradition.

Alongside Luca Miuccio are Luigi Bonomo, Food & Beverage Manager; Raffaele Nicotra, Sommelier; and Sandro Mazza, Pastry Chef in charge of rounding out the culinary experience on a high note.

The gourmet restaurant Batu is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.
Closed on Sunday and Monday.


On the cover are flowering olive branches, emphasizing the strong connection of Batu with the green gold.

Inside, 5 tasting experiences to enjoy as many sensory experiences, starting with the iconic "the olive harvest," a skillful blend of produce from the earth with the aroma of olives.

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