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Between sky and sea
San Pietro Taormina - Rotonda sul mare 4
San Pietro Taormina - Rotonda sul mare 5
San Pietro Taormina - Rotonda sul mare 6
The most romantic terrace in Taormina

Rotonda sul mare

On the Rotonda sul Mare at the Grand Hotel San Pietro, the sky, sea and land become one, to create an exciting and unique setting. A small circular terrace literally suspended above Isola Bella, exclusively bookable for a romantic dinner or a special event, for up to 10 people.

A customizable menu, dim moonlight to illuminate you and a dedicated dining service are the ingredients for the most romantic dinner that you can treat yourself to in Taormina. Here, where the sound of the sea waves seems to whisper of love, you will experience a magical and unforgettable evening.

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