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Nautilus Family Hotel - Plan 2


Sports activities
Because sport helps you grow well!

Here are all the tournaments organized at Nautilus:
- Beach Volleyball Tournament (on the beach)
- Beach Tennis Tournament (on the beach)
- Bocce tournament (on the beach, Bagni Arcobaleno field)
- Scala 40, Briscola and Burraco tournaments
- Ping-Pong tournament (on site)
- Foosball Tournament (in structure)
- Darts Tournament (in structure)

Fitness activities
Let's move and have fun together!

- Muscle Awakening - Every morning by the sea: join the entertainer for a gentle regenerating exercise.
- Aquagym - Late in the morning: everyone in the pool to exercise to the rhythm of music!
- Greeting to the Sun - To worthily conclude the afternoon entertainment activities, here is a moment of pure relaxation in the garden with a dynamic sequence of positions to be performed in a harmonious way, synchronizing breathing with movement. All surrounded by atmospheric music, to facilitate meditation.
- Bicycle excursion - 3 afternoons a week, the entertainment organizes guided bicycle excursions along the Pesaro bicipolitana to reach some of the most characteristic locations, such as Baia Flaminia, the historic center, the port and the seafront.

MiniClub activities
How many surprises in the company of the friendly mascot Charlie!

-Painting workshop - Every child has a little artist inside him. It's time to let it out!
-Book and tactile story creation workshop - To have fun building using waste materials and household waste!
-Theatre Workshop - Even among the children of the Mini Club there are budding little actors. Here is a small workshop in preparation for an evening show in which the protagonists will be them, our little guests!
-Creation of musical instruments - With a great final choral moment of musical improvisation! - An object with a thousand uses - Just choose a common object and then challenge yourself to find many creative ideas to reuse it!
-Treasure Hunt - To end the holiday in a fitting way, the entire Mini Club will divide into two large groups in search of a delicious hidden treasure. Between puzzles, clues and small challenges, you'll arrive at a super surprise!
-Pool Games - It's always nice to be able to have fun in the pool and have fun in the water all together!
-Charlie's birthday-Our Charlie also celebrates his birthday with lots of dancing and a super snack!
-Beach Games - Every morning, games in the sand and in the water and small artistic workshops using what the beach offers, such as sand and shells.
-Customization and many other surprises! - Hunt for Mr. S, capture Pokemon, create your own magic wand, Slime workshop and more! - Make up for children

Evening Activities
To end the day on a high note!

Baby Dance - Every evening immediately after dinner, Charlie and the entertainers await all the little guests to let loose to the rhythm of the music!
Children's Show - It's time to see the fruit of the theater workshop! The children will perform on stage reciting small skits or choreographies.
Entertainers Show (Cabaret) - A variety show put on by the entertainers with singing, dancing and cabaret sketches to lightly entertain all our guests.
Cinema under the stars - An experience for the whole family: an outdoor cinema projected in the pool area, Bluetooth headphones, deckchairs, popcorn and lots of magic.
External Performers - During the holiday week other performers will come to enrich your holiday, such as the friendly Mago Magari with his comic magic show capable of entertaining adults and children
Quiz evening - For a light-hearted evening, the entertainers will offer fun quizzes to entertain guests: may the best room win!

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