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Nautilus Family Hotel - Rooms 4
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Naturally insulating and sourced from controlled-growth forests, the wood used for Hotel Nautilus (788 cubic metres) was processed into laminated panels, assembled using only water-based glues. The result is a solid but flexible building with optimum moisture levels and a load-bearing structure that can withstand fire longer and better than traditional reinforced concrete. In addition to this robustness, the building also has particularly advantageous energy-saving values, while at the same time maintaining environmental sustainability, a value to which we have always been particularly committed, especially for a hotel that has to maintain optimal climate conditions all year round.

The natural insulating power of wood, in this case, minimises the use of air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter, maintaining optimal levels of humidity in every area of the building and lowering energy consumption to reduce environmental pollution. This is just one of its features, but at a time when health and sustainability are so sensitive, it is worth mentioning.
The latest tourism trends confirm this: more and more travellers will choose an eco-friendly holiday, and already two thirds of tourists prefer to book a green hotel. On the other hand, sustainability has become an obligation: each of us must do something to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change. It only takes a few measures to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption and waste.
That is why in each of our rooms you will find:
Electronic key to activate/deactivate room systems
Low-consumption lighting, partly powered by solar panels
Facades with thermal insulation system
Acoustic insulation
Rooms are 100% dimmable
Natural fibre bed linen
Air conditioning with temperature control system based on the presence of the client and the
opening of windows

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