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Nautilus Family Hotel - Green Building 2

Green Building

Learning the concept of hospitality from nature, which hosts and protects us, we want and offer each of our guests the same feeling of warm and comfortable hospitality. Nautilus Family Hotel has been created in accordance with a concept that embraces the canons of Eco-sustainability and low environmental impact, to fully respect the surrounding nature.

This is the tallest hotel completely made of wood in all of Europe, designed and wanted so precisely to marry completely with the naturalistic context that hosts it. Wood is precious and healthy, its benefits on the body are proven and those on the environment are undisputed.

Wood, sustainability and health

Naturally insulating and coming from controlled regrowth forests, the wood used for the Hotel Nautilus (788 cubic metres) was worked into laminated panels, assembled using only water-based glues.

The result is a solid but flexible building and a load-bearing structure capable of resisting fire longer and better than traditional reinforced concrete.

Added to the anti-seismic robustness are particularly advantageous energy saving values, in compliance with environmental sustainability, a value to which we have always been particularly sensitive, especially for a hotel that must maintain ideal air conditioning conditions throughout the year.

The natural insulating power of wood, in this case, reduces the use of air conditioning in summer and heating in winter to a minimum, maintaining optimal humidity values ​​in every area of ​​the building and reducing consumption in favor of a reduction in 'environmental pollution. This is just one of its characteristics, but in times so sensitive to health and sustainability, it is worth remembering.

In an environment with a modern and refined design, if you travel as a family at the Nautilus you will find what can be useful for you to enjoy a comfortable, carefree stay, attentive to the needs of adults and the carefree of the little ones.

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