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Sikania Resort & Spa - Licata 2
The splendid Sicilian town in the province of Agrigento, on the southern coast


In the province of Agrigento, on the southern coast, lies Licata, a splendid Sicilian town. Here the traces of the passage of the various Mediterranean populations are visible in both artistic and historical terms.

There are many archaeological sites in the municipality of Licata. For example, there are the prehistoric ruins of the cemetery of Monte di Petrulla or the hypogeum of Stagnone Pontillo. The remains of the Fortino di Falaride (an ancient local tyrant) are of Greek origin. Many important pieces, found during excavations in the various archaeological sites of the town, are now preserved in the town museum, set up in the cloister of the Badia.

To protect the coast from the invasions of the sea, the Bourbons built Castel Sant'Angelo in 1640. Unfortunately, it was bombed during the Second World War but was later restored. Today it houses a museum. Another important monument is the Licata lighthouse, the third highest in Italy.

Among the most significant churches we find the one of Santa Maria Nuova, of Renaissance origin, an excellent example of a three-nave church in Baroque style, and the one of Sant'Agostino, built in 1611 by the homonymous confraternity. It is in neoclassical style and houses the wooden statue of Our Madonna of Sorrows, dating from around 1700. It is said that after a shipwreck, the inhabitants found the statue and took it upon themselves to keep it forever, after receiving permission from the captain of the wrecked ship.

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