At the water’s edge. Overlooking expanses of greenery. Fully immersed in the City.
LINDBERGH HOTELS are a journey. A journey amid details Made in Italy. Surrounded by primordial nature.
Along with breathtaking views. The bond between architecture, interiors and landscape is a happy marriage, at any time.
A Successful co-existence. The reflection of a Beauty which always warrants a stop. And the start of a dream...

Now we live, today, in our dreams of yesterday; and, living in those dreams, we dream again

Charles A. Lindbergh


Animate Experience

For aficionados of the New Italian Style. The new aesthetics of Beauty. Timeless legends that never go out of fashion. Icons of authentic Beauty. Bespoke tailoring and intimacy distinguish sophisticated, almost muted atmospheres, for relaxing breaks or business meetings, where every detail is an exclusive opportunity to indulge guests. Guests have the opportunity to tantalise their taste buds. Every individual Chef brings his own recipe for the art of cooking, in an ongoing quest for the sophisticated balance between creative flavours and local traditions.

Le Marche are home to



Naturally Chic

This is for people who are seeking primordial Nature and an elegant example of the Made in Italy brand, which is expressed in the form of its decoration, but without excess or redundancy - clear, tidy, and expressive. It is forpeople who, overlooking greenery or at the water’s edge, are seeking simply to marvel at natural beauty and enjoy a truly authentic surprise. These are High Nature projects. White, pure. Created in enchanting places, where your thoughts can roam freely or you can interpret your dreams. Paradises located within a stone’s throw of the sea. For an experience of well-being, of regeneration, of total immersion. Ample spaces, which can house important events, be they business related or private. Which can create unforgettable unique days, such as the Perfect one. These are locations featuring a professional approach, yet are informal, or better, natural. Here we have created a harmony of shapes and proportions between the edifice, its interiors and its surrounding environment. The result is an ongoing dialogue, subtle and evocative. Rich as it is in authentic cross-references. Which become positive vibrations.


Determinedly Minded

Address. For those who enjoy a search for nature, motion and passion. For adventure, for discovery. For successful undertakings and those yet to come. All of which to be enjoyed to the full. Individually or in company. In contemporary settings. Near the city and the natural world alike. They are smart and specific projects. Ones that are welcoming and dynamic and also points of reference. For guests in search of interiors with character, with a rational design marked by elemental and modern silhouettes, innovative materials and cutting-edge technology, in terms of comfort and functionality. An urban vanguard. One that transforms everyday moments into exclusive opportunities. Where the atmosphere is midway between industrial and domestic, cosmopolitan and familiar. Where the inspiration is metropolitan, every time, gentle and welcoming.

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A Cozy Nest

For those who enjoy a home-like atmosphere. An intimate, sociable ambiance. One that is familiar. Guests here feel protected and carefree, safe in the knowledge that their every desire will be catered for. Here, “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly”. They are projects filled with affection. Informal, extensive spaces filled with light, offering every comfort for the happiness and welfare of guests and their loved ones, including tiny tots. A genuine microcosm for the whole family, designed to offer allencompassing experiences and peace of mind so adults can relax, while their children are busy with a thousand fun activities in contact with nature. Places for seaside holidays. For families and more. An oasis of relaxation that is fully immersed in its surroundings. The architecture is neutral and at the same time harmonious, robust and respectful of its surroundings. Sometimes it is framed by breathtaking landscapes. At other times it overlooks enchanting waterways. At others still, it is designed to display its total focus on the principles of eco-sustainability. But it is always deeply rooted in the local tradition and seeks its guidelines in the local heritage.

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